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Get your high off Life.


19 March 1981
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I like changes; The bigger the better.
I don't believe in cussing but it's very hard for me not too since i just stopped like 2 weeks ago. I love arguing/debating with other people because I like being able to prove my point and hearing other people's views on a event,object, person,etc. I am obsessed with psychology, blood and dead bodies. PLease don't ask me why.I do not know either, but when I grow up I wan to be a fashion designer. I want to be this because I hate the way nowadays clothes and acessories can cost as much as a tv or a house. IT'S RIDCULOUS!!!!! And I wan tto change that.
Another thing I want to do is to start a school where learning is top priority not tests!! I believe that kids would be able to learn WAYY better in a more relaxed environment where thier teachers don't/won't yell at them to get their work done, to stop disrupting the class, for falling asleep, for uniform violations, etc. SO basically i want to prove to the educational system that yes, you can have a great, PEACEFUL learning environment without all the rules and tests.
You probably already think i'm annoying now.lol. Ok somethings that bother me is when people start talking about military and people in it and loved ones. I know it's very sad for you. I sympathize with you. But it gets annoying when every other sentence is about that poor brave soul over in Iraq.
Some other things that bother me is when people try to force their religon on other people. It's VERY annoying. Yes i'm sure you think your religon is great. Well, I like my beliefs as well so please don't try to force your beliefs on me.
Enough negative let u stalk about the good things. I have red hair and brown eyes. One of my talents is playing the cello which i absoulutely love. No doubt about it. I like reading and if u were to see me at school you would probably see me reading or drawing. Bright colors and black and white things will atract me like bees to honey.